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Volunteer Opportunities

Adult Learners in Salt Lake and Davis Counties need YOU!

We need many volunteers. We are always in need of good volunteers to work as tutors, on our Board of Trustees, in our office, and on special projects. We appreciate your help in whatever way you wish to serve. For more information about any of these volunteer opportunities, please call us at 265-9081. We are happy to answer your questions. (Please note that attending a Tutor Training Workshop is usually the first step to helping us because it helps you better understand who we are and what we do.)

 - Tutors Needed! Click Here more Information.

 - Networkers Needed! Are you interested? Do you like to talk on the telephone or communicate through e-mail? Do you like hearing about what other tutors and their adult learners are doing? Networkers are tutors who also contact 5-6 tutors monthly to share information. Call 265-9081 to find out more.

 -Tutor Trainers Needed!
Are you ready? Trainers are tutors with at least one year’s tutoring experience who lead training segments in addition to being tutors. Call 265-9081 to find out more.

Financial Support

 Click Here for a Donation Form in PDF format*. Any amount is appreciated. Thank You!!

10 Things YOU Can Do to Support Literacy:

 1. Be a lifelong learner.
 The demands of our workplaces and our world are changing. Brush up on your skills.

 2. Encourage others to be lifelong learners.
 Support your friends and family members who are considering improving their skills--whether it be reading and
 writing, getting a High School Diploma or GED, or learning computers and other skills.

 3. Read to your child.
 Studies show that parents are the most important teachers of their children. Children learn the importance of
 reading from those closest to them.

 4. Volunteer to tutor.
 Many literacy programs are small and depend on the involvement of local community members. They are glad to
 provide training to potential volunteers.

 5. Volunteer to support an education program in other ways.
 Many literacy programs do not have the funds to pay for support staff and welcome volunteers to help answer
 phones, help with mailings, and provide other office support.

 6. Support friends who want to participate in a literacy program.
 If someone you know wants to participate in a literacy program, offer to take care of their children while they
 attend class or drive the learner to and from classes.

 7. Donate equipment or other materials.
 If your work or home office is getting a new copier, fax machine or computer, consider donating the old
 equipment to a literacy program in your community.

 8. Donate money.
 All literacy programs combined serve fewer than 10% of the people with literacy needs. More money allows
 more people to get the help they need.

 9. Start a literacy program in your office or workplace.
 Make sure your office or workplace provides training to employees and that courses are presented as a positive
 opportunity to improve skills.

 10. Strengthen the links between literacy programs and other community groups.
 If you volunteer at another program in your community—such as a homeless shelter—make sure the Center's
 staff are aware of literacy programs and how to refer potential learners to them.


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